Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle. It should pave a clearer path to better healthcare decisions and delivery.


Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle. It should pave a clearer path to better healthcare decisions and delivery.


Who We

Genetix is a global healthcare IT company that invests in and is committed to providing better technological information. Founded in 2009 and growing worldwide, Genetix is a company dedicated solely to healthcare information technology solutions and services.

Genetix collaborations and solutions, including Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Public Health and Patient Engagement, enable organizations around the world – of all sizes – to change what is possible in healthcare.



Following the introduction of EMRs, Genetix recognised the need to implement and optimise improvements and innovations. It remains a driving force behind everything we do.



Collaboration is crucial: with our partners, our clients, and throughout the organisation. It is central to our success and continues our innovative strength.



Genetix is active in more than 5 countries and has already reached more than 1000 care institutions. Genetix is growing and will continue to do so.

remember the past

Since 2009

The development of Genetix started in 2009 based on the need for a platform created for medical specialists, support staff and administrators. A platform that can communicate with other systems without using the word ‘link’. A platform that knows how to make complex processes simple. A supplier that does want an improvement in healthcare ICT by working together with third parties to bring a better platform to the market.

Intelligently. Intuitively. Intentionally.

This is Genetix

Mission & Ambition

It is our mission to continuously seek breakthrough innovation that will shape tomorrow’s healthcare. And we believe that what we do affects not only healthcare, but the world as well. That’s why healthcare is more important than ever to stay the same.

Genetix ambition is to further expand our global market share to ensure that as many patients and healthcare providers as possible benefit from the very best healthcare ICT.

Experience and specialization

A team of experienced technology and care specialists, working tirelessly to improve health technology and information.

One total solution & innovative strength

Our platform is the total solution for your healthcare organisation. With high-end innovation such as AI and a modern user interface for a user-friendly experience.

Professional services

Our services give you the confidence that you can always count on us. From implementation to maintenance of our platform, we are ready to serve your healthcare organization 24/7.

Let's Connect

Discover how, together, we can expand the capabilities of your own healthcare organization today – by use of Genetix’s platform, the latest technologies, collaboration and services.